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The Business Spirit Platform is calling innovators who want to make a positive impact to embrace the power of communication. Authors can submit content related to value-driven business, responsible research and innovation, sustainable finance and impact investment, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development and any relevant topics about 'Profit with Purpose'.

Profit with Purpose magazine launch

The first edition of this print magazine aims to inspire innovators from business, research and policymaking to 'build back better' after the Covid19 pandemic adapting Responsible Innovation and sustainable business practices. It features overviews of trends, research projects, business practices, and interviews with inspiring leaders.

100 Intelligent Cities Challenge

How to foster smart and sustainable growth across cities? This project aims to help cities navigate the current crisis and implement appropriate responses through learning and the sharing of best practices on effective technology-led interventions from European and global cities.

Water ChangeMaker Awards

Building climate resilience by changing water decisions.
We need smart decisions on how we use and safeguard our water and how we protect ourselves from water-related hazards. At times like these, learning from and celebrating those who have made things happen is more important than ever.

Join the Ocean Video Challenge

Create a short video about why the world needs to urgently support greater ocean protection and climate action. This digital challenge seeks to empower people to become “master storytellers and marketing moguls” by using creative software, video footage, imagery, text, and graphics provided.