social enterprise

Social Innovators in Dublin received €50,000 funding to realise greater impact

The Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2020 seeks to celebrate and support innovative social enterprises, highlighting their role in the city’s ecosystem. The funding they provided to selected enterprises will allow social entrepreneurs to develop their plans, activities further and bring benefits to more individuals and communities.

Dutch social enterprises have a strong influence on building a new economy

Social Enterprise Netherland published the findings of the ‘Social Enterprises as Influencers of the Broader Business Community’ research. The study revealed the pioneering role of mission-driven enterprises in the business community to facilitate a transition towards a more sustainable economy and contribute to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Social innovator to deliver a positive impact in Africa despite pandemic

Italian social entrepreneur, Lucia Dal Negro is determined to save infants lives’ by applying principles of Responsible Innovation even in the time of COVID-19. Their original product created to protect babies under one year of age had to be re-designed, and her team is on a mission now to make it available to parents in need.