Climate Change

First Climate Entrepreneurship postgraduate course in Ireland is open to applications

Trinity College Dublin has launched a new Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Entrepreneurship where graduates can upskill, reskill, or pivot ideas to tackle climate change.
The programme was designed to address the climate change emergency and better equip future business leaders to mitigate related risks and unlock opportunities.

Opportunities in creating a new business as usual

Experts were discussing how best can we use the power of innovation and collaboration to create a better economy that works for business, people and the planet. They covered topics like tapping into applications of Circular Economy, supporting local initiatives, overcoming objections and exploring the role of the government in leading the way to Build Back Better.

Water ChangeMaker Awards

Building climate resilience by changing water decisions.
We need smart decisions on how we use and safeguard our water and how we protect ourselves from water-related hazards. At times like these, learning from and celebrating those who have made things happen is more important than ever.