Business practice

Opportunities in creating a new business as usual

Experts were discussing how best can we use the power of innovation and collaboration to create a better economy that works for business, people and the planet. They covered topics like tapping into applications of Circular Economy, supporting local initiatives, overcoming objections and exploring the role of the government in leading the way to Build Back Better.

How to make a coffee with a conscience?

What does it take to make a good cup of coffee and enjoy it guilt-free? The coffee industry has a huge impact on local communities at the origin and many controversial issues related to the supply chain. The story of Irish company Java Republic, has started 20 years ago when no one really knew the true cost of making coffee, yet they still wanted to be ethical and transparent.

The big bamboo revolution

For a long time, the only choice for green promotional items was to go with the ’boring brown’ products. Bamboo can easily replace disposable plastic and even cotton in many cases which makes it easier for companies to build a better image without compromising quality, design or sustainability. But what makes this plant so unique and how it can revolutionise branding options?