Join the Ocean Video Challenge

Join the Ocean Video Challenge
Create a short video about why the world needs to urgently support greater ocean protection and climate action.

The Save the Ocean Creative Challenge is organised by The Ocean Agency, Adobe and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), as part of the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign - a global campaign using creativity and colour to rapidly accelerate ocean conservation and climate action.

This new challenge is designed to help participants gain skills to plan, sequence and craft an informative and persuasive video, while at the same time developing knowledge about oceans, coral reefs and the impacts of climate change. It is also a great opportunity to increase family and community learning engagement and to share with social networks while practising physical distancing to help flatten the coronavirus curve.

“Coral reefs are among the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems to climate change.

Scientists believe we have lost 50% of original coral cover and with projected warming, we stand to lose another 70 to 90% in the coming decades.

What many people also don’t know is that coral reefs are also known as the medicine cabinets of the sea as many life-saving medicines, including for treating viral infections, are made from bioactive compounds found in coral reef organisms.

Coral reef, Image: Pexels

During these days of physical distancing and learning from home, we have a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing ecosystems through online activities such the Save the Ocean Creative Challenge,” says UNEP marine ecosystems expert Gabriel Grimsditch.

This digital challenge seeks to empower people to become “master storytellers and marketing moguls” by using creative software, video footage, imagery, text, and graphics provided.

You can access these online resources to create your video: Information on glowing corals, curated video clips and audio files, and high-quality coral reef images.  Award-winning cinematographer David Hannan and Reef Check France donated the footage as part of The Ocean Agency’s Image Bank.

“Creativity is an essential skill, and challenges like this give young people amazing opportunities to get creative while deepening their understanding of hugely important issues. Creative teaching methods can deliver positive outcomes across all subjects and make learning more fun at the same time,” says Simon Morris, Senior Director, Digital Media Marketing, Adobe.

Selected videos will be featured on the Glowing Glowing Gone site.

Creative minds at home - teachers, students, parents, children and families - are invited to bring to life, through video skills, videos on why the world needs to save an important component of the planet’s rich biodiversity.

For this online challenge, the focus is the world’s magical coral reefs, home to a quarter of sea life.

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