Free webinar about the 'Charter of investors for impact'

Free webinar about the 'Charter of investors for impact'
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European Venture Philanthropic Associations invites investors and key players to sign the 'Charter of investors for impact'.

As part of its '15 years of Impact' report, European Venture Philanthropic Association (EVPA) has launched the 'Charter of Investors for Impact' which sets out ten principles that define and drive investors for impact.

This Charter is the result of a collective effort of experienced practitioners from the impact community and an invitation to others to collaborate and co-shape the larger impact ecosystem.

Alongside the Charter, the “Roadmap for investors for impact”, identifies three key areas of actions upon which investors for impact should work on and devote their energies and resources in the years to come: data, knowledge and expertise alongside with thought leadership.

As the Charter provides a clear identity to investors for impact, the Roadmap shows their way forward.

Want to know more? Join a free webinar about the Charter on 29 January 2020!

EVPA will show a new and interactive version of the Charter, and three speakers with an extensive knowledge on investing for impact, will present the principles of the Charter and how they are endorsed in practice. Participants will have the opportunity to take part to the discussion and ask questions to the speakers.

Sign the 'Charter of Investors for Impact' to endorse a set of guiding principles for all those on the journey of Investing for Impact!